Quick Driving Test Durham

Quick Driving Test Durham


Need help finding a Quicker Driving Test? We can find you an Earlier Driving Test in Durham or any where in the United Kingdom. Despite an eight weeks waiting list.

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Practical Driving Test Centre Durham Address
1st Floor Enna House
Whitfield Court Industrial Estate
St Johns Rd
Meadowfield, Durham

Quick Driving Test Durham
Cancellation Driving Test Durham
Cancellation Driving Test Durham

Quick Driving Test Durham –  Area Information

Durham Driving Test Centre is situated in the Durham area. The exit out of the Driving Test centre can be tricky. During the driving test, the examiner will be testing your ability to handle various roundabout types, crossroads and junctions. Fast paced roads are also on route along with quieter residential roads that may be hazardous due to oncoming vehicles. The driving test will involve 1 manoeuvre along with the possibility of  an emergency stop being requested. The independent part of the driving test will be set over 10 minutes of test time.

Male and female toilets available at this test centre.

Durham is one of the most popular Driving Test centres in the UK and normally has a waiting list of over 4 months. We can fast forward your Driving Test to an Earlier Date. We can book a Cancellation Driving Test Durham within days.

Quick Driving Test Durham – Test Routes

Recently the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) have stopped publishing the driving test routes. The driving test routes may have altered in the mean-time, although it is likely they are very similar if not identical. Driving test routes are designed by local DSA driving examiners and are especially designed to incorporate the most difficult roads in the area.

Below is the most popular Driving Test route Durham.

Quick Driving Test Durham | Cancellation Driving Test Durham.

Route Number 5
Name/Number of Road Direction
DTC Left
Hallgarth St Roundabout ahead
A177 Left
Mill Lane Left
Shincliffe Lane EOR left
A181 EOR right
Sherburn Rd 2 nd left
Kidd Avenue Right
Liddle Avenue EOR right
Beech Avenue EOR right
Gray Avenue EOR right
Hallgarth St 5 th left
Parkhouse Gardens Right
George St EOR right
Hallgarth St EOR left
Broomside Lane 3 rd left
Brackendale Rd Right, EOR left, EOR left
The Links EOR right
Buckinghamshire 2 nd left, EOR right
Devonshire Rd EOR left
Buckinghamshire EOR left
Belmont Rd Mini roundabout right, 2 nd left
A690 Roundabout ahead
Leazers Rd 2 nd left
New Elvet Bridge T/L ahead
New Elvet T/L ahead
Hallgarth St Left

Quicker Driving Test Durham | Driving Test Cancellations Durham.

Quick Driving Test Durham
Quick Driving Test Durham
Cancellation Driving Test Durham

What to take to your Quick Driving Test Durham

You must take:

  • your UK driving licence
  • your theory test pass certificate
  • a car – most people use their driving instructor’s, but you can use your own car if it meets the rules

Your test will be cancelled and you won’t get your money back if you don’t take the right things with you.

Your driving licence

You need to apply for a replacement driving licence if you lose yours before your test. This could take up to 15 days to arrive.

Rearrange your test if you don’t get the new licence in enough time.

If you don’t have a photocard licence

Bring a valid passport and your paper licence.

If you have a licence from Northern Ireland

Bring the Northern Ireland photocard and paper counterpart.

If you’ve lost your theory test certificate

Contact the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) with your name and driving licence number.

You’ll be sent a letter that you can take to your test instead of your pass certificate.

DVSA theory test enquiries
Telephone: 0300 200 1122 (press 01)
Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm
Find out about call charges

Taking someone with you

Your examiner will ask if you want someone to:

  • sit in the back of the car during the test
  • be with you for the result and feedback

This will usually be your driving instructor, but you can take a relative or friend. They can’t take any part in the test.

They must:

You can’t take a foreign language interpreter with you. You have to take the test in English or Welsh.

What happens during the Short Notice Driving Test Durham?

Before you start the driving ability part of your test, you’ll have an eyesight check and be asked 2 vehicle safety questions.

Eyesight check.
You’ll have to read a number plate from a distance of.

20 metres for vehicles with a new-style number plate.
20.5 metres for vehicles with an old-style number plate.

You can write down what you see if you can’t speak English or have difficulty reading.

New-style number plates start with 2 letters followed by 2 numbers, eg AB51 ABC.

The test WILL NOT continue if you can’t pass the eyesight test.

You’ll then be asked 2 vehicle safety questions. These are also known as the ‘show me, tell me’ questions.

The examiner will ask you one ‘show me’ question, where you’ll have to show them how you’d carry

out a vehicle safety check.

You’ll also be asked one ‘tell me’ question, where you’ll have to explain to the examiner how you’d

carry out the check. Its advisable to study the Highway Code prior to the test.

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Do you want a Cancellation Driving Test in Durham?

The driving ability part of the Earlier Driving Test Durham.

The driving part of your Cancellation Driving Test will last about 40 minutes.

Throughout the test your examiner will be looking for an overall safe standard of driving.

ASAP Driving Test Durham | Quicker Driving Test Durham | Short Notice Driving Test Durham.

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Quick Driving Test Durham
Quick Driving Test Durham
Cancellation Driving Test Durham
Quicker Driving Test Durham

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