Mock Driving Tests

Mock Driving tEST.

You’d never take an exam without doing a few mock exam papers first. And you probably took more than one mock theory test before taking the real thing. So why would you go to the driving test without taking a mock driving test?

What is a Mock Driving Test

What is a Mock Driving Test

If you have achived the driving standard to the point where both you and your instructor feel that you are ready for the practical driving test, you can undergo a mock driving test. This can be conducted by your current driving instructor or independent instructor. We advise a different instructor as this will help with nerves and driving with someone completely diffrent.

Most mock driving test will be conducted in the same test center you will have your test booked at, and the driving test route for the mock test is similar to the actual test on the day of the test. The mock driving test will be conducted and accessed in exactly the same way as the official DVSA practical test. A mock test will include an eyesight test, “show me tell me” questions, one reverse maneuver, and approximately 20 minutes of independent driving. It may or may not include an emergency stop.
An instructor will usually give you a mock driving test a few weeks or so before your real test date so that you have time to work and correct any weaknesses.

Why Take a Mock Driving Test

Why Take a Mock Driving Test


The aim of a mock driving test is to prepare you for a real driving test, So you feel much better prepared and confident after a few mock driving tests. The feeling of nervousness before a real DVSA practical driving test is natural, and it is important to manage this feeling. It is often the nerves of the student and not his norm that causes driving errors or driving errors that lead to the failure of the test.

A mock driving test is about finding out exactly what you would do under DVSA test conditions and how you would do it in the test condition. What happens on the day of the driving test or even the night before the test can lead to great fear. One of the main reasons why many students fail the driving test is nerves on exam day. However, knowing the structure of an exam not only helps pass the exam but also relieves the noblest butterfly you could have.

If you know what to expect, you can hold your nerve and prepare for the real test. When you take the real driving test, it looks like a walk in the park.

What your Mock Driving Test should include

What your mock tests should include

Talk to your driving instructor about taking a mock test that lasts about 40 minutes and includes:

  • checking your driving licence
  • checking your eyesight
  • ‘show me, tell me’ vehicle safety questions
  • general driving ability – including on rural roads, urban roads, dual carriageways, multi-lane roundabouts and one-way systems
  • reversing the car
  • independent driving for 20 minutes – this can be either following directions from a sat nav or following traffic signs
  • an emergency stop
  • giving you the result and feedback

Mock tests work best when they include all the parts of the real driving test.

The emergency stop may not be included in your actual driving test. It’s used in 1 in 3 tests, but it’s a good idea to practise it in a mock test.


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1. Get a feel to how the driving test works

Taking a mock driving test will get you used to how the driving test will go.

This can help to reduce your uncertainity and nerves when you take the real thing.

2. Understand the standard that’s expected

2 in 5 people who fail the driving test think the main reason they failed was because they were marked down too harshly. But it’s not actually the case. The truth is that they did not understand the standard that’s expected.

Driving examiners are trained road safety experts with lots of experience of driving and marking tests. They mark based on how you drive during your driving test.

3. Learn how the driving test marking works

Taking a mock driving test and having your instructor fill in a mock driving test marking sheet will help you learn how the marking works on the real test.

This will help you understand how any mistakes you make might have affected your real test result.

4. See how you do without help and prompts

A mock test can help you understand how you do when you’re driving without help and prompts from your driving instructor.

5. People who take mock tests are more likely to pass the real thing

Research shows that people who have taken realistic mock driving tests are 1.4 times more likely to pass their actual driving test.

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We at Driving Test ASAP specialise in all aspect of the driving test. We try to cover everything to make your experience less stressful. We understand the driving test can be a very nerves experience. Especially when you have to wait 3-4 months to sit another test.

The number one cause of failing a driving test is nerves. Driving with someone new and them watching every thing you do can be quite nerve recking. The best way to deal with this is to put your self in this position as often as you can to help you become immune to it.


Booking a Mock Test is probably the best way to deal with this. As you will be driving with someone you have never driven with before. Thus recreating the exam environment.

If you suffer with nerves or just want a second opinion, give us a call! We can Book you a Last Minute Mock Driving Test that comes with a fully qualified ADI (Approved Driving Instructor).

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